Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Once your website is up and running,
you have to make sure your customers can find it.

Building an eye catching and compelling web site for your business is just the first step to dominating your market. ITVIZ helps you create a comprehensive Search Engine and Social Media Marketing strategy that will drive potential customers to your site in droves.

Search Engine Optimization

The best website traffic is free traffic and the best way to get free traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our analysts will help organize and structure your website so that it is search engine friendly and ranks as high on the results page as possible. Search engines rank pages based on dozens of factors, some of them that are not very obvious. Our experts will make sure that everything about your web site – from the content on the pages to the structure of the Site Map – are optimized to gain maximum exposure for your site on Google and other major search engines.

Paid Advertising

While free traffic is great, it can be hit and miss in terms of quality. Paid traffic achieved through well executed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and sponsored placement campaigns is highly targeted and a potential gold mine for your business. However, wandering into the Paid Advertising world without a guide can be scary and can quickly drain your bank account if you are not careful. ITVIZ will help you create paid advertising campaigns for your site and your business that will guarantee high levels of targeted traffic that will drive sales and response rates through the roof.

Social Media

Word-of- mouth advertising is far and away the most powerful and effective form of advertising ever known. However, getting people to recommend your business to their friends is a tricky task, and there are a lot of shady players who will make all sorts of promises about how they can get you thousands of Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers for next to nothing. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to trick potential customers into your social web, let ITVIZ help you create a social media presence that will create a trusting and sustainable relationship between you and your customers.

Responsible Email Campaigns

No one likes spam, but everyone loves getting insider tips and advice. ITVIZ can help you create an electronic newsletter or email campaign that will provide real value to your subscribers while helping keep your company “top of mind” when they are looking to buy. You may have heard that email campaigns are dead, but no one has told Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Red Lobster and dozens of other major companies this news because they are still relying on email campaigns to drive millions of dollars of business through their doors every day.

The Bottom Line

A marketing campaign is not something that you can set and forget. It has to be analyzed, tweaked, and adjusted to compensate for weaknesses and to take advantage of new opportunities. ITVIZ will provide you with all the tools you need to see how your campaigns are performing in real time, no matter which approach you choose.

Contact ITVIZ today and let our team of experts help create a powerful marketing campaign that will drive traffic and bring in sales.
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