Mobile Applications, Connecting Businesses with Customers

Mobile Applications, Connecting Businesses with Customers

Connecting with your customers has never been so easy. Businesses all around are recognising the benefits to be reaped with the forever expanding technology options available:

  • Websites;
  • social media; and of course
  • the ever more increasingly mobile applications.

Smartphone usage within the Australian Market has peaked to 49% with many Australians now using their smart phones to research businesses, products, services, and purchase goods. Australians are also ranked as the most proficient users of mobile banking – as found in recent research conducted by Google and IPSOS.

It’s no surprise that the convenience of these devices is the driving force of the surge of mobile application usage within the Australian Market place. The accessibility and size are the reasons behind its success. Having the Internet in the palm of your hand is extremely convenient.

The rapid increase in the availability of mobile applications hitting the market place, is due to the demand and popularity among consumers. Mobile Apps are being developed and downloaded by millions across the globe and are quite diverse in their offerings. Mobile Applications are being used for many different reasons and range from; entertainment, marketing, fitness, managing personal finances and the list could go on.

Mobile devices create that instantaneous connection between you and your customers.

Businesses are starting to see the benefits to be gained by tapping into the Mobile Application Market. As it has created the ultimate platform for any business, to reach out to their customers and create that instantaneous connection.

One of the true beauties of mobile apps, is their 24/7 availability and on location with you.

The advantage of having 24/7 accessibility to your customers is not something to be taken lightly. Whatever your business is, the opportunity to connect with your customers has now been magnified. It can be used in many different ways to connect from; simple marketing, or the ease to purchase products and services, or just simply keeping your customers informed.

Customers like being informed, in the know, and what greater way than giving them that complete control and really cementing that bond between your customers and business through mobile applications.

Whether you’re a small coffee shop, or small hardware retailer – there is potential. Potential to generate more business, offer that competitive edge or maintain your customer base.

Imagine, a construction worker on site, who needs a piece of hardware urgently. He could drive to the nearest hardware store only to find they’re out of stock. He could ring around, but that is far too time consuming. But what about that one hardware shop with a mobile app that lists their current inventory and even allowing you to simply put it on order, whilst you jump in your car to go and collect it?

Or how about this scenario,

as you stumble out of bed in the morning, reaching over for your phone, to connect with your local coffee store to place your order to pick up on your way to work – saving you that extra 5 – 10 minutes?

The potential is endless and the essence of what makes or breaks any business is; what can you offer your customer that your competitors aren’t? It is survival of the technologically advanced, and even more so for those small businesses.

Will this change the way we do business? It already has. One only needs to ask themselves, how often they use mobile banking? or how often have you thought; is there an app for that?

The potential of mobile apps is far greater than just engaging and reaching a larger customer base, but also offers opportunities to engage and connect with your staff. They also offer the ability to better streamline processes and can increase business efficiency significantly when implemented correctly.

The successes of mobile app utilisation in any business, is dependant on really understanding and defining your market;

  • Where are you today and where do you want to go?
  • Who is your target audience and what do they want?
  • What is it they need that they are not aware of?

Look out for our subsequent blogs on:

  • Leveraging your market presence with Mobile Apps
  • Connecting your employees with Mobile Apps
  • Improving Business Processes with Mobile Apps

Don’t forget, you can always contact us if you have any question on how to tap into the mobile market. We have helped a lot of businesses solving their digital problems. We’d be happy to help you as well.


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  1. Mobile Applications, Connecting Businesses with Customers – ITVIZ | Mobile Banking 2012

  2. 16 September 2012 at 1:39 am

    This article hits all the right points when it comes to considering digital solutions for a business. The ability to engage your customer 24×7 is becoming more and more important. Your customers are engaging your digital channel minutes before a purchase is made. They’re using their mobile device to:
    – research the products
    – check you competitors prices

    This is all great but how does a small business compete in this space? To build a mobile app costs at least $50K. This puts digital mobile out of the reach of many small businesses. Organisations like Endobe are working to reduce the costs of implementing mobile solutions by creating affordable solutions.

    • 17 September 2012 at 11:57 am

      I would question the statement of a mobile app costing at least 50K. This depends on the specs of your app, where and how you built it.

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