E-Learning Principles: Management of a Lesson Based on Time Chunks


E-learning refers to all learning and teaching that is electronically supported. E-learning applications can be computer or web-based, can include virtual education and digital collaboration. In the following, we will discuss some tips on implementing one important principle that e-learning should be built on, that of managing learning in time chunks. Just like face-to-face teaching relies on managing information in time chunks, online learning should also be constructed on timed activities. Here are some steps recommended in the structure of e-learning:

  • Firstly, it is important to know how to gain attention with each lesson. The idea is to ground the lesson and to motivate.
  • The goal of a lesson should be described from the start. Students should be aware of what they can accomplish through a certain learning process and how they can apply the new knowledge.
  • Encouraging the recall of prior knowledge is important. The students should be reminded of prior info they have learned that is relevant to the current lesson and made aware of how knowledge facts are connected to one another.
  • The material to be learned should be presented using not just text, but also graphics, figures, sound, pictures. In order to avoid memory overload, the information should be chunked.
  • Giving instructions on how to learn can be useful for the students.
  • Practice means can be suggested to the student. The learner should be encouraged to apply the new information and practice the taught skills.
  • While learning, being offered feedback such as on the correctness of a response or a solution to a problem is important.
  • It is important to include in the e-learning process means of assessing performance, of verifying if the lesson has been learned.
  • It is recommended to enhance retention and transfer, for example by making the student aware of similar problems or by placing him in a transfer situation.

Just like face-to-face learning, e-learning should follow certain principles and structuring the lesson in timed steps is one of them.

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