Five Trends in Social Media for 2013

social media2012 is a year when many businesses took the social media plunge, taking advantage of what Twitter, Facebook and other such networks have to offer when it comes to building a strategy. This year, new trends will impact social media that will consequently impact businesses, which can expect expanded returns on their investments as a following. Here are five of these trends:

  • Social media will be used more by means of mobile phones

By the year 2015, mobile Internet use in the U.S.A. will overtake wired use. Where social media is concerned, this shift will happen even faster. The Facebook social network has already made it public that growth in accessing it via mobile outstrips growth in accessing it from PCs. Given this trend, networks such as Instagram, built for mobiles from starters, are at advantage. Traditional ones must focus more on differentiating desktop and mobile experiences.

  • Mobile advertising is more viable

Several networks have faced difficulties in squeezing traditional ads onto small mobile screens. Now, “native ads”, like Sponsored Stories and Promoted Tweets, resemble user-generated content, aside from small disclaimers. They offer a solution for brands to reach their clients on their mobile phones.

  • Social networks become more popular outside the U.S.

Social media growth has slowed in North America, however growth in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa can compensate for that. Growth will be registered in these regions during 2013, from 12 percent and up to 23 percent, depending on the region. Local networks will have more users, not just the widely popular ones.

  • Apparently, social networks are not just about marketing for a business, but about office productivity also.

According to a report published last year by the McKinsey Global Institute, social media is good for boosting office productivity. It is a tool that can be used by HR departments for streamlining the application process, by sales teams to identify clients, and other such uses.

  • More companies will be able to use data about their clients, data obtained from social networks.

Businesses can have access to precious information about their clients by using social media. It is, however, a large amount of information that has been difficult to manage until now. The good news is that analytical tools and new software emerge so that this can be changed and the available data be put to good use.

Social media is still trendy and actually becoming trendier for use by businesses and individuals alike, with new advantages constantly being under development.

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