How Social Media Has Changed Human Interaction

Social MediaWe have found different ways to interact via the internet. The online environment has almost replaced body language, face-to-face communication and social gatherings. There are both advantages and disadvantages when using a social media website. If you are abroad and you want to communicate with the people you left behind, you can easily keep in touch by using one of the many social networking platforms that can be found on the internet. If you have a webcam you can also see your family and friends whenever you feel like it. A disadvantage would be that you cannot actually hug the ones you love, and that might make you homesick.

The concept of social media has several implications. It targets your professional career as well as your personal life. If you work in a multinational company and some of your employees are miles away from you, if you multitask at work and you don’t want to bother others by making them come to your office, you can organize a quick video conference to check out their work and exchanging ideas.

On a more personal note, the social media environment has been responsible with uniting many people. It is an easy way of meeting people that share the same things in common with you. A lot of friendships have evolved from a simple chat, and social media platforms bring different cultures closer, the exchange of information being overwhelming.

Even psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists have begun studying this trend, because social media has changed the way in which we communicate with each other, and has even changed the way we are as persons – because we can be a lot more confident online than in “real life”.

Social media sites help you save money (because most of them are free), time and energy. Though they do have their disadvantages, the truth is that they have made our live easier both on personal and professional levels.

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