How Is the Internet Affecting Our Social Lives?

Social LivesOne of the most famous quotes belonging to Albert Einstein is “I fear the day when technology will surpass human interaction” and, unfortunately, it seems that the day has already come. Remember the times when people got together in the park, mall, restaurants, cafes or pubs just to talk and to enjoy themselves? They are almost gone, because nowadays everybody seems to be absorbed by their PC, phone or tablet, devices that are supposed to keep them connected to the Internet non-stop. Social websites have made people forget that they can have a “real” social life, but they have their advantages too.

Each person is unique, so we all have different ways of interacting with others making friends. Whereas some may be open and friendly in public and when meeting new people, others are shy and tend to surround themselves with walls. This category of people is the one helped the most by social sites – they finally have a place to go to and to meet people with the same interests, to talk and to open themselves to someone. Dating sites are allowing shy people to interact and to get to know each other better before getting ready for the next step and meeting face to face. Thanks to them, people from different parts of the world can find each other in a way that could not be possible without the Internet and such sites.

All in all, it seems that the Internet has both its good and bad sides – all we have to do is to learn how to combine our social life in the real, “offline” world with the time spent on the Internet. Social sites are good, but we have to know when to stop, to lift our heads from the phone or tablet and to just start living the “real life”!

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