Is The Cinema Losing the Battle with the Internet?

MultimediaWe all have great memories about the cinema – maybe a first date, a movie premiere with our favorite actors or just some memorable times that we had with our friends. But ever since the Internet has become so popular and downloading movies or watching the online has become such a common practice, cinemas have become less and less frequented by people, even by the ones who used to be passionate about them.

Besides being more affordable, downloading movies from the Internet is more comfortable for most people – you can stay on the couch with your friends, have as much popcorn as you want for a lot less money than in cinemas, you can pause the movie as many times you want to, you are not disturbed by people who cough, sneeze, talk, or are too tall and do not let you see the screen properly. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of reasons why people are disregarding the cinemas and forgetting about the wonders of sitting in front of the huge screen and being among the first people to watch a highly awaited movie.

What have been cinemas doing in order to attract more people? They introduced 3D movies that allow you to enter the world depicted in them and to feel like you are interacting with it. How did the Internet and the television industry counteract? By introducing on the market TV sets that can be connected to the Internet, some with huge screens, others with the possibility of viewing 3D movies like the ones in the cinemas.

What will the next step in this multimedia battle be? We do not know, but we are waiting for it, because, in the end, the ones who benefit from the constant competition are the movie lovers!

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