Mobile Apps – Friends or Foes?

Mobile AppsBack in 2011, about 87% of the population had at least a mobile phone. It seems that, in its fairly short life, this mobile device that allows us to talk to whoever we want to, whenever and wherever has become one of the most important parts of our lives. But how about mobile apps? What are they supposed to do and are they really making our lives easier or just eating our money?

There probably are a lot of people among you who claim that the phone is just for calling and maybe texting too, so it does not need any other fancy apps that can sometimes be quite pricy. Maybe they are right, but just think of all the gadgets and other objects that you are supposed to carry with you all the time in the absence of some simple, useful apps – mp3 player, games, books, maps, and many, many others.

Apps are meant to entertain us but also to make our stressful life easier, and they are doing their job – are you trying to quit smoking or to lose weight? No worries, there is an app for that. Do you want to be up to date with the latest news, books, comics, songs and movies, with what your friends have been doing and posting on social sites? Are you free tonight and you do not know where to find a nice club or a good restaurant close to you? Thanks to mobile apps, you can find anything you want in just a few seconds, wherever you are.

Yes, there are risks related to some mobile apps, as you may have heard, such as unauthorized tracking of the user’s location, or accessing your address book, but it is up to you to do your research and make sure you download only safe, renowned apps. If chosen wisely, mobile applications can surely make your life a lot easier, not to mention more fun.

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