How Does Social Media Affect the Way We Communicate?

Social-Media-001Can social media impact day to day communication? If so, does it improve it or stall it? The answer is very simple. Studies have shown that we polish our communication skills when we chat online using various social media sites. The online environment can be shaped by the advanced settings found in our social media sites. We decide who gets to talk to us and who doesn’t. We are in control of every piece of information that we wish to share and we can create the image that we want when we try to impress somebody or meet somebody for the very first time.

We can simulate a face to face conversation quite easily, since we can use a webcam and a microphone. If we have a shy personality we can easily overcome that by practicing our conversational skills until we reach a point where we feel a bit more confident about ourselves, feeling more capable of engaging in all sorts of conversations.

Social media websites not only enrich the dialogues that we have with people; we can also get in touch with our long distance friends. We can also get other people informed about noble causes or involve in online projects that will help many people benefit from them. We can also promote our business with much more success, if we know how to properly promote our products or services on social media, so as to get people to talk about them.

Using social media websites is a good way of expressing yourself or revealing a part of your personality that you might find difficult to share during face to face communication. As long as we do not forget that online communication is not enough and cannot be a real substitute for face to face human contact, social media can indeed improve the way we communicate.

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